Three Actions You Can Do Today to Turbocharge Your Small Business to the NEXT LEVEL

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REPORT: Three Actions You Can Do Today to Turbocharge Your Small Business to the NEXT LEVEL

Thank you for downloading this essential report. The positive action of receiving this invaluable knowledge vaults you into the top 10% of business owners; those that take action! The fact that you stand receptive to new ways of thinking about business places you ahead of the multitude of business owners who spin their wheels using outdated business ideas that need to be discarded. Make way for the new Millennium!

Your business lives as an extension of you. Therefore you need to simply expand that which already breathes inside you. Today’s economy can terrify! I designed the Miracle Business Method to eliminate the fear paralyzing many businesses. Practice the following three simple methods, or “ways of thinking,” and watch your business thrive in ways you never thought possible. With very little work on your part! Practice these techniques until they become second nature, until they become your “default” way of thinking. Miracle Business Method promises you results right away! Your only requirement: try it! Let’s get started!


This world you see is only an interpretation. This leaves your mind and its attitude as the “decider” of what you look upon. Quantum physics of the past century has proven, without a single failed experiment, that the physical world as we know it does not exist physically until our consciousness observes it. Prior to our observation, “things” are merely probabilities and waves. Apply the following simple exercises, and watch your business thrive in this new world.

Again, the only requirement is that you try the exercises. You don’t have to believe that they will work in order for the exercises to be effective. You just have to try them.

1. Mind Watching

The fastest way for you to “own” your experience in the world and to begin to elevate your business to the next level is to observe your thoughts. This sounds simple. It is simple.
How to do it: Instead of letting your thoughts run randomly like they usually do, step back mentally and just start watching and listening to what the thoughts are. Do not judge the thoughts. Just observe them. Think of it as watching a passing parade. Or pretend you are watching leaves floating gently by on the surface of a peaceful stream.

What to expect for your business: While mentally “stepping back” to watch but not judge the thoughts, your thoughts will slow down. This basic step will allow you to make better business decisions because you will now be receiving thoughts from inspiration instead of your undisciplined mind. Thoughts won’t fly by and confuse you when you watch them. You have become the “master” of your mind, after years of letting your mind drag you along with it, leading you nowhere! This practice places you in a state of “flow” where business ideas and strategies appear as if by magic. Stop working so hard mentally! Don’t strain your brain! Genuine business breakthroughs, according to the geniuses who “discovered” them, sprouted when they were NOT thinking. I invite you to join the best “non-thinkers” the business world has ever known, and succeed like never before!

What you have just accomplished: This one easy step will move you an immeasurable distance toward better decisions which will direct your business straight to abundance. You have elevated your consciousness to a new level that will calm your mind and lead to a more effortless state of business whenever you remember to step back and observe your thoughts. You have just moved into the top 1% of business owners simply by observing your mind whenever a decision is needed. Be inspired to always choose correctly with this simple process!

2. Present Moment Synchronicity

We will now turn our attention to time. It has been said that time is merely an illusion. Whether you agree with that concept or not, there is a simple way to stop time and let time be “on your side.” Try to quiet your mind and not think at all. Bring no past to this moment. Do not worry about the future. Be still and you will find yourself in the present moment, also known as the “now.”

How to do it: Listen to whatever sounds are present. Concentrate on your breathing. Touch something, feeling the texture on your skin. If you can quiet your mind you can get to this place in time that is always there and is always the same. Practice and learn to feel what “now” feels like.

What to expect for your business: You should feel a sense of peace and well-being. Along with mind-watching, you now control a powerful consciousness that will receive inspired thoughts to propel your business forward faster than you ever dreamed possible. You will be doing business from a quiet, still position that you and others can feel. If you do not feel quiet and still, you have not quieted your thinking. “The Now” requires a quiet mind just like the mind watching exercise: no thinking. This feeling of peace will be the place you will “go” each time you become “present” by entering “The Now.” It offers you something constant in this world of constant change. And it puts you ahead of the competition still doing their decision-making based on their interpretation of past experiences. You are now “inspiring” as you mold a new way of thinking into your daily business decisions.

What you have just accomplished: By reaching the present moment, you advance light-years through elevating the power of your mind over the normal, everyday style of thinking most businesspeople engage in out of habit. You now realize that less is more when it comes to thinking about past and future. You have decided to dwell in the place where everything happens. Think about this….nothing ever happens outside “now.” Your life, your business, and your abundance will improve dramatically and automatically when you dwell in the eternal moment of “now.”

3. Introduction to Ho’oponopono

What’s that? Funny word, serious concept.

The complete lesson for mastering the ancient Hawaiian problem-solving method called Ho’oponopono is best saved for a complete report, but I want to show you this way to get quick results with a fun and easy practice even a child could do!
The ancient Hawaiians figured this out. The method they devised works silently on everyone’s mind as you CLEAR YOUR MIND! I know this sounds incredible, BECAUSE IT IS INCREDIBLE! And it works! Time and again Miracle Business Method users report AMAZING RESULTS, sometimes after mere minutes practicing this fantastic exercise. Let’s get into it!

How to do it: Observe your mind. Quiet your mind. Move into the present moment. While thinking about a particular business problem, person or situation, repeat silently to yourself the simple phrase: “I love you, thank you.” This is not a romantic “I Love You” but a statement to the universal mind that you are receptive to its unlimited power. Repeat these five little words over and over for as long as you feel comfortable doing it. The more you repeat them, the more wonderful the results!

What to expect for your business: In addition to an extended feeling of calm and inner peace, Miracle Business Method students have been known to observe sudden positive changes immediately in the situation “cleared” on, even sudden shifts in behavior of others involved in the situation or problem. There is no limit to the benefits you and your business will receive very soon after utilizing this powerful but simple technique.

What you have just accomplished: In its simplest explanation, ho’oponopono clears your mind of “stuck” programs and memories that manifest in the world you see as problems. When you “clear” your mind with this technique, you are actually sending a request to divine inspiration itself that even though you don’t know what caused the problem, or sometimes even what the problem is, you would like the divine to solve the problem even though you may have no idea how it arrived in your life. With the constant use of this technique you will be amazed at the strange “fixes” that start occurring with hardly any real effort, in fact no “worldly” effort at all. Watch for new customers mysteriously appearing. That is the type of pleasant surprise your business will experience when you use this technique. You are eons ahead of your competition in any business or job situation! It gets done silently by you in your own mind.

IN CLOSING: Thank you again for downloading this free report. Please practice the exercises. I invite you to do them for one week!

Miracle Business Method promises you great results!

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