Who would believe that the apparent problems of the world and your business can be solved simply
by repeating four very easy, pleasant phrases over and over in your head? I never would have, until I
read about a miracle that took place in Hawaii in the 1980’s using an ancient Hawaiian problem-solving technique called Ho’oponopono!

Tell me which of the following two procedures do you think cured an entire ward of violent mentally
ill criminals? “Cured” as in the entire ward was closed in a couple of years because it was no longer

A) A staff psychologist used everything he had learned in college to treat patients in the “normal”
way. He observed them. He interviewed them. He asked them questions. He “analyzed” the
responses. He crunched the data. He did flowcharts and graphs. He did everything the world had
decided “mattered” when diagnosing “mental health.”
B) A staff psychologist saw no patients one on one. He merely sat reading their records while
saying “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” over and over in his head, talking
to the divine being inside himself. He queried, “what is it in me that is bringing this situation
into my awareness?” But he knew he would not find a worldly answer to that question. He just
simply kept repeating those phrases.

Based on what we have read about the Miracle Business Method so far, I dare you to say “A!” Because you are beginning to realize that when it comes to getting real results we need to think the opposite of the way the world normally thinks.

“B” is the correct answer! It is detailed in the book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len, the
Hawaiian psychologist who cured the ward.

The lesson here is simple. Bring yourself into Miracle Business by thinking in a completely new way!
Don’t let regular thinking slow you down any longer. Put these methods together in every hour of your day and you will start to experience miraculous results like this amazing story of the erasing away of some of the worst problems anybody could imagine by simply thinking differently!