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Tanya Torst


Even after spending thousands of dollars on different programs, retreats, books, and coaches, nothing has helped me as much as Harold’s Miracle Business Method. It’s surprisingly simple, yet powerful. I own a small business and every time I use this method, I still get amazed at the little miracles that happen. I say little miracles,

Jonathan Johnson


Get the word out because this method really works. Your teachings have helped me understand the importance of “NOW”. The joy of being present and focused on this moment only. For as you have said, “it’s the only one that exists.” With a new awareness, I have been able to transfer this process to all

Susan Wooldridge


At one of his seminars, Harold introduced me to books and ideas that have led to enormous positive change in my life. Harold has gently helped me find a spiritual path that is transforming how I see myself and the world. I’m happier, more playful and more productive as a result. I can’t thank Harold

Linda Haddeman


Harold Littlejohn was the one who introduced me to the Hawaiian healing method of ho’oponopono, and he explained it clearly and completely. I have since learned more about it, with Harold’s help along the way. I have used this healing method a lot, and I have experienced results I can only call miracles. Harold has