Mind Watching

The first step toward Miracle Business requires the simple yet profound step of watching your mind.

Buddha did it. Jesus did it. And you can do it too.

Instead of being led around by the nose by your thoughts all day, which is the normal way most everyone lives, just step back and observe your thoughts. That is how easy this is. But very few people do it very often.

By watching your thoughts instead of letting them run rampant through your mind, you have elevated your consciousness more quickly than you could with any other practice.

Notice the clarity. Thoughts can now be observed but they will no longer control you. Now you can simply observe them and detach yourself from emotions while you think. This will lift you instantly to a place where you can make crystal clear decisions with very little strain. In this place you can also choose not to decide if you like. When your thoughts are in control, you are like a slave to your mind with no choice in the matter of what you will think next.

Business will begin to flow naturally as you make decisions and observations from this new viewpoint one level above your everyday mind. You will see the right choice clearly because you are not on the same level as most others remain.

Become a watchful observer and your business will flow more naturally than ever before. You will be transacting from a higher level. Try it for a day. You will never go back to your old way of thinking again!