It’s Now or Nothing

Time is always moving – or is it? Could there be another way of perceiving time that makes it seem more friendly and helpful? Why do you always feel like you are “racing against the clock?” Can you learn a better way of thinking about time? Of course you can, you are part of the Miracle Business Network and that is the kind of thinking and changing we accomplish together!

Many major philosophies throughout history have stressed that eternity means no time. Most of us
believe time stretches backwards and forwards forever in small increments. Which is correct?

What if we don’t need to know which is correct? What if we can live under both theories? In his
bestselling book The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle encourages us to use “clock time” to get our tasks
done in this world. But spend the rest of our day in the present moment. He emphasizes that nothing
ever happens outside of now. When you think about it he makes sense.

If you can concentrate on the present moment as often as possible, combined with the mind watching exercise, you will begin to live with a clarity you have probably never felt before. This will help tremendously when making business plans and important business decisions. You will be making them not only from a higher level due to the mind watching but you will also be deciding from the current universal eternal time, now. These steps will place you light years ahead of your competition. But don’t just believe it, try it! You will be surprised how much easier business becomes when you are observing and deciding in the present.