Weird Science

The Copernican Revolution snapped people into thinking 180 degrees differently than they had
thought before when Copernicus proclaimed that the Earth revolved around the sun and not
vice-versa. I am telling you now that we are at that same point in the next “Thought Revolution”
and you might as well join with me as one of the first to get on board.

Quantum physics has proven time and again without one failed experiment that the atomic
particles that make up everything we “see” in “the world” behave in a way that does not make
sense. Matter appears out of some sort of wave, but cannot be measured. A particle can be in
two or more places at once. Every tiny particle communicates in a way we do not understand,
at faster than the speed of light. And every particle knows what every other particle it ever
interacted with is doing, though we have no idea how. There can be only one explanation, and
that explanation is becoming clearer all the time. According to Richard Conn Henry, professor of
Physics at Johns Hopkins University, “The only reality is mind and observations…..The universe
is immaterial – mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy.”

Many people and even some physicists are in denial. Afraid to admit that their universe really
is nothing but thought. But they believe that the world is flat. And that the sun revolves around
the Earth. You get the picture. I choose to listen to what the experiments are saying.

There are lots of great resources to learn more about the details of the amazing incredible
atomic world discovered through quantum physics. Suffice it to say that nothing you know
about the physical world is as it seems. The universe is just a thought, and this fact alone should
be a cause to rejoice…..our world is only as solid as mist. Your thoughts are what support what
you see. Change your thoughts and change your world. The Miracle Business Method uses
these ideas to change the way you do business in this world of thought.